Create   eye-catching   product   lists
Monetize   your   craft
Save   your   precious   crafting   time

With the Project Manager

What does it do?

The project manager enables you to:

  • increase your revenue
  • decrease the amount of time spent linking to product
  • make your blog visually awesome for your readers

How does it do it?

By helping you:

  • create awesome product lists with images to put inside your blog
  • connect products to shops through affiliate networks
  • track list progress and click performance

... and it does so, easily, just by clicking and drag'n'drop.

Why does this work?


  • products with images make your readers click more
  • you save time: Go create instead of hunting for links
  • you put connecting products through affiliate networks on auto-pilot
  • you do not need to know ANY HTML!
  • bloggers who tried it, LOVE IT!
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..or see it in action:

See what awesome users are saying...

  • "The Project Manager has simplified how I create product recommendations and supply lists. I appreciate how easy it is to use, especially since I've attempted to do similar visual supply lists in the past. And integration with popular affiliate programs makes it that much better!"
    Kristina Werner -

  • "I couldn't live without the Project Manger! Thank you for creating such a fabulous and easy-to-use tool for crafty bloggers, like me!"
    Tara Godfrey -

  • "Inlinkz has allowed me to increase revenue while decreasing the amount of time spent linking to product for my blog posts! Thank you Inlinkz!!!"
    Nichol Magouirk -

  • "InLinkz has revolutionized the creative blogging world. It gives everyone the ability to share, connect, and inspire across the globe. The Project Manager feature has also allowed me to share links directly to products which makes it a valuable tool for everyone..."
    Tim Holtz -

  • "I just had to thank you for your service to the many many sites I see are using you. As a consumer as well as a crafter, I always want to know what products the blogger..or artist uses. Your service is so, so useful to all of us.
    This was a "thank you" email from a lady that is not actually an InLinkz user (not even a blogger) but.. you get the point
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