Boost   your   blog   traffic
Increase   your   loyal   readers
by   Organizing   blog   parties

With the LinkUp Tool

What is a LinkUp?

The linkup is an efficient way to connect
with your readers and their followers,
reach bigger social network audiences
make your blog come alive
and increase your traffic

How does it work?

The LinkUp tool allows other bloggers visually share
their posts right inside your blog, and announce your LinkUp,
to their followers, exposing your blog to a bigger audience

You can set rules and a theme for your LinkUp
Set start and end dates, and put the InLinkz widget in your post.

You are ready to start partying!

Is it hard to set up?

No it is not

  • Jump on your InLinkz dashboard
  • Setup your linkup or just use the default. It works great!
  • Get a code snippet and put it in your blog (instructions included)
  • Let your readers know!

Now just sit back and watch the entries coming in

or watch this video on how to
set up a linkup and add links to it

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