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The LinkUp tool

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The Project Manager

  • Host a blog party...

    Organize link-ups and challenges, share talent and increase your traffic.

  • add the widget to your blog...

    No need for special coding or difficult processes. Just copy-paste

  • and the party is on!!

    Take care of your guests while we take care of the technical stuff.

  • Create product lists..

    display in your blog eye-catching product galleries linking to specific product pages

  • drag and drop products..

  • or create your own pool of products...

    by easily linking to any online shop

  • monetize your blog...

    You set your affiliate data once and the Project Manager takes care of putting it in all your product links

    We currently support the following affiliate networks:

  • and track performance

    See how your links are performing and increase your affiliate revenue

How to set up a linkup? Easy!

How to set up a product list!

Easy for you too..

  • tools are designed to be easy for both you and your readers.
  • tweak any parameter even after publishing on your blog/website.
  • moderate, edit, export, track! Everything is one click away.


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